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I bought in to the false idea that ‘men commit to women who are better; women who are achievers’ – which leads to the reality that; As women, our appeal to men in a relationship has nothing to do with how much we achieve; it has everything to do with our soul; and our heart as a woman.It has everything to do with how kind, loyal and feminine we show up.

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More often than not, these people have a big heart and are very kind, but their strong personality makes them come off as aggressive or even rude.(Click here to get your Goddess Report)On this particular night, one nice young man did come up to me and introduce himself. Looking back, i now realise that it wasn’t that men were intimidated and THAT is why they didn’t or couldn’t be in a relationship with me. Ok.’ From that day on, I noticed that whenever I told men this, this particular reaction was not uncommon at all. Heh, Finally, I feel some sort of power in my life – I’m doing a LAW degree and you can’t compare to that!I was having dinner at the bar of a high-end Italian restaurant in Washington when the bartender handed me a hefty wine list.Feeling overwhelmed, I asked him to choose something for me. “Pour me two glasses of wine at apiece without informing me of the exorbitant price,” is what he must have heard.To be honest, it either sparks an anger inside of you (that you can’t keep silent about), or it makes you want to walk away without saying a word.