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Even before his arrest this week on securities fraud allegations, Wall Street’s most visible villain was infamous for gouging AIDS patients and pregnant women, buying a very overpriced Wu-Tang Clan album, and trolling the world on Twitter.

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In India, flood basalts called the Deccan Traps are up to 3.5 kilometers deep.Now max out the magma-maker and imagine the Siberian Traps -- a hunk of lava measuring 1.6 million square kilometers. Because these floods of lava must have released vast clouds of sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and other gases that reflect or trap solar heat, it's a fair guess that the flood basalts mucked with the climate.Some of this molten liquid stopped short of erupting onto the surface and instead spread out beneath the Earth’s shallow crust, creating a vast network of rock stretching across almost 1 million square miles.As the subsurface magma crystallized into geologic formations called sills, it heated the surrounding carbon-rich sediments and rapidly released into the atmosphere a tremendous volume of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases.

Imagine a flood of lava oozing through an enormous fissure in the crust, and continuing for, say, a million years. These rocks form from basaltic lava, whose chemistry allows it to spread quickly into massive "flood basalt provinces." (Thicker lava makes steeper piles -- volcanic mountains.) In Oregon and Washington, flood basalt underlies the 200,000 square-kilometer Columbia River Plateau.The new dates, using the latest generation of high-precision rock dating techniques, are needed because a quiet revolution in Earth Science has transformed our understanding of mass extinctions Earth’s past, including the end-Cretaceous mass extinction.EARTHTIME At the center of this revolution is EARTHTIME, an international collaborative project that has made root-and-branch improvements to the precision and accuracy of radiometric rock dating, spearheaded by Professor Sam Bowring of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.False color image of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, after the 1991 eruptions.The brown color surrounding the volcanic crater shows the mudflows spreading into the valleys below.The association between the Siberian Traps, the largest continental flood basalt province, and the largest-known mass extinction event at the end of the Permian period, has been strengthened by recently- published high-precision .