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The population of the United States is about 250 million people. The Government is divided into three branches: legislative (the US Congress), executive (the President and his Administration) and judicial (the US Supreme Court). The 50 stars white on a blue field represent the 50 states, 18 stripes represent 13 original English colonies, which in 1776 became independent of England.

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Armstrong did say that she was inspired by her teammate Mara Abbott, who devastatingly missed out on the podium in the road race event after she was passed by three riders in the closing stretch.“The last 24 hours, Mara’s been leaving me notes,” Armstrong said after taking gold.

“I found one in my coffee cup yesterday, it said: ‘You’re a champion.” I went to brush my hair, I found another one on my brush.

1 for job opportunities and for singles, Salt Lake City is a great place for today's young, unemployed college grads, according to Wallet Hub, despite the negative job growth. Last night I went to bed, and there was another one on my pillow.And this morning, on my podium bag, there was another one.”“About 5K to go, my coach said ‘Alright, here we go.“This is about finding the right partner and not caring if they’re on the other side of the border,” CEO Joe Goldman explained to The Guardian. For a number of Americans, in the event of a Trump presidency, that place would be Canada.”Currently, users can register by filling out their information and indicating their U. There's no fee.“Americans are using this as a serious opportunity to meet Canadians.People have been sending me paragraphs of explanation. We’re building something that connects people across borders, and that’s something that has the potential to grow.”Of course with a dating site inspired by fear of a Trump presidency, one wonders if Maple Match will still thrive if Trump isn't elected. 6 safety ranking attracts a high number of families to the area. Boasting the eighth-lowest unemployment rate and the fifth-highest number of job opportunities, Minneapolis provides a promising social and professional life, according to Wallet Hub, despite the negative employment growth. Employment growth: -1.48% Median annual income: ,211 Omaha ranks sixth in terms of socioeconomic environment, thanks to its top-five ranking for unemployment and recreation.