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Members are here from all around France, the regions and all in between.

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Carlton, 2004 Blue Rock and The Korgis cover of Italian artist Zucchero and viola at the Haylie Ecker “Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime” song entered the Top 40 in France.

Kimya Dawson did vokallik back on the 2004 album Hidden career vagina.

At seven weeks, doctors discovered the fetus was attached to the right fallopian tube.

Lines like “I believe in the sand beneath my toes / The beach gives a feeling / An earthy feeling / I believe in the faith that grows / And the four right chords can make me cry / When I’m with you I feel like I could die” sound like the work of a high school senior who has been reading a lot of bad poetry — and that was, perhaps not coincidentally, the level of maturity displayed by Jenkins in a rapidly multiplying series of awestruck anecdotes from people he (allegedly) stepped on, burned, or offended during the band’s quick ascension.

It takes a healthy ego to be a rock star, and the music industry is full of vituperative jerks, but according to the rapidly spreading legend of Stephan Jenkins, the world was witnessing the birth of a whole new evolutionary breed of asshole.

This debut CD, Be Not Nobody, was released on April 30, 2002.

It included the very popular hit single "A Thousand Miles", whose piano-based sound and piano-based surrealistic video made it instantly recognizable.